Proposing a Candidate for Membership

2021/2022 Season

Dear BPC Primary Sponsor:

Thank you for proposing a candidate for membership to the Brookline Paddle Club.  The Club’s mission is to foster the growth of Platform Tennis and we appreciate your willingness to enrich our club.  The BPC Board of Directors encourages members to sponsor applicants with whom they are well-acquainted and have a passion for the sport (at all abilities).  Please remember that BPC members can sponsor only one candidate during each admissions cycle.

As the Primary Sponsor of a new member candidate, it is your responsibility to ensure the completion of all of the steps outlined in this letter.  Once the materials described below are received, the BPC Admissions Committee will review all applications and make decisions about new member admissions.  Important dates:

  • Aug 31 – Applications must be postmarked and sent via US Mail in their entirety (incomplete or emailed applications will not be considered)
  • Sept 20 – Application decisions are communicated to Primary Sponsor


We wish that we could accept all BPC applicants, but spaces are limited, and we typically receive more applications than we have spots.  A member of the BPC Admissions Committee will contact all Primary Sponsors (not the candidates) with the admissions decision.  It is the Primary Sponsor’s responsibility to immediately notify the candidate of BPC’s admission decision.  The Secondary Sponsor will be contacted if the Primary Sponsor is unreachable.  As a reminder, BPC does not maintain a wait-list but applicants can reapply in subsequent years.

The Application Package consists of three parts which are available to download as follows:


The complete Application Package (Parts A, B, and C) should be mailed in its entirety to the following address:

Brookline Paddle Club
Attn: Membership
396 Washington St. #109
Wellesley, MA 02481

Complete Application Packages must be postmarked by August 31 for consideration for the 2021-2022 season.

Any questions about the BPC application process should be directed to

Thank you for your efforts in support of our growing membership.

All the best,

Jennifer Miller
BPC Admissions Chair