Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

Look for our application online. It is available during June & July each year.

Applications should be mailed in via US mail by the deadline given on the application, usually by July 31.

No, we do not maintain a waitlist. There is a new application process each year.

Yes, applications generally far exceed our ability to accept new members in a given year.

No, but if you know a member you may want to ask them to write a letter in support of your application. It will help us to get to know you better.

We invite prospective members come to a Friday night paddle mixer to meet members, socialize, and play some paddle.  If you know a current member, please contact them to join them as a guest.  If you do not know any members, please consult the activities calendar and contact to arrange a preferable date.

You will be notified by the end of September via email or phone call.

We start returning to the courts in early October. There is a kickoff event and new member welcome in late October.

The club will refer members to local pros for private lessons as well as schedule in house clinics.  We do not provide lessons for non-members.

No, we accept players at all levels.

Paddle tennis is officially known as Platform Tennis. It is generally a cold weather sport played outdoors on a raised platform (smaller than a tennis court) surrounded by wire screens. It is permitted to play a ball bouncing off the screens. 

See the APTA (American Platform Tennis Association) website for more details.

A paddle racquet and paddle balls. Make sure you are buying a platform tennis racquet and not a padel racquet.

NO.  Padel uses different racquets and balls, the courts are surrounded by plexiglass and that is the extent of our knowledge of padel, except that it looks to be very fun as well.

No, again different courts, paddles and balls. See APTA website.