Clinic Registration

PRO POWER CLINICS – Saturday February 26 and Sunday February 27th – CLOSED

Pro Power Clinics (90 minutes each) – Two on Saturday, February 19 and Two on Sunday, February 20

Time: Session 1 from 3pm-4:30pm.  Session 2 from 4:45 to 6:15pm
Pros: Admire Mushoga, Dan McCormick, Niko Bubnic

Based on player feedback from our last clinic, we are offering two options.

Option 1: four players on a court with Pro for $65 per player, per session.

Option 2: three players on a court with Pro actively playing as your 4th for $75 per player, per session.

To maximize your training session, we ask that you register as a group of three or four, all of similar skill level. You may also register as a single or double and we will pair you with another player(s).

Format: Each pro will host three or four players on their respective court and train for 25 minutes. Each pro will concentrate on a specific area/ skill of the game. After 25 minutes, each group of players will rotate to the next court for their next session. All three sessions combined will concentrate on the core areas of paddle to include:

  • Serve, Return, Volley
  • Reading Screens, Playing Screens, Shot Selection
  • Court Positioning and Decision Making with Your Partner.


Spots will be filled on a first come basis with a completed registration and payment. Confirmation of your group will be emailed to the group and payment must be made in full before the event.

Please use the form below to register for a specific clinic.

    Please select preferred option

    Please submit a group of 3 or 4 players of the similar skill level. You may register as a single player and you will be paired with others.

    Please check the date of the clinic(s) you would like to attend. You may select multiple clinics.

    Session 1 - 3pm-4:30
    Session 2 - 4:45-6:15