Special Event Request


If you are a current BPC member and would like to request the use of the Club and reserve multiple courts and/or extended hours to host a special event, please complete the request form below.

Please note requests for private parties at the club are typically granted on weekend evenings starting after 7pm.

As the “Sponsor” of this event, please keep the following in mind:

  • At least two week advance notice is recommended for all requests. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on your requested time and membership demand for use of courts.
  • Upon acceptance of your event, the courts will be reserved in your name (the “Sponsor”).
  • It is the responsibility of the event Sponsor to obtain and submit the Release of all Claims from all non-members to Club officials before the date of your event.
  • As Sponsor of this event you accept full responsibility and liability as detailed in our Membership Agreement.
  • As Sponsor of this event you are responsible for leaving the facility in ‘as good’ if not better condition than when you arrived.
  • A $100. fee is required before the event. An additionally fee may be assessed if additional clean up or repair is required.

 Special Event Request:

    Your name (required)

    Your phone(required)

    Your email

    Date of event

    Time of event (start and finish)

    Approximately how many people will be attending your event?

    How many BPC members will be attending?

    How many guests (non-members) will be attending?

    How many courts are you requesting?

    Description of event. Please provide as many details as possible so as to expedite your request.

    As Sponsor of this event I accept the responsibility and liability for my event and my guests. I agree to obtain from each guest and hold in my possession a signed Release of all Claims form.